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A Campaign for Miss X a survivor who was taken away from her family at 12 years of age and placed into children's social services.   


The Justice system has served no justice, the perpetrators are scot-free and, local authorities continue to neglect the duty of care towards children subject to harm or abuse.


FOR ALL SURVIVORS... We want justice and put an end to all forms of child abuse from Child Protection Services

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Miss X reported incidents of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. But unfortunately, Lewisham Council failed to fulfil its duty to protect Miss X at just 12 years of age who needed care. The local government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) have found Lewisham Council guilty of failing to protect Miss X after reports of continuous abuse while in the local authority’s care.

Instead of being cooperative and transparent, Lewisham Council corrupted staff hindered the investigation. The LGSCO Investigation Officer Mr Michael King (IO), also stated in his latest interview that access to information were blocked by the council, and investigations by the local authority were also stopped.

According to The Local Government: The Lewisham Council activities signified “there was an absence of proof for it to address or act on to mitigate any continued risk of significant harm to the foster carers’ adopted and birth children or any other foster children placed with Business Owners of Caribbean takeaway CUMMIN-UP, AFTER HOURS AND TASTE SOUL GOOD.”

At first, the council refused access, then made it extremely hard for the IO and IP to view Miss X records, only giving them redacted versions. The LGSCO published the findings of the investigations, which was launched after it received a written complaint from a female formerly in Lewisham’s foster care.

She stated the council neglected to appropriately examine her when reported “serious repeated incidents of physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Reports of being drugged by foster mother (Business Owner of Caribbean restaurants CUMMINUP, AFTER HOURS AND TASTE SOUL GOOD) causing injustice to Miss X. Who deliberately spiked a drink in a blue cup then forced Miss X to drink it, before attending examination at Kings College Hospital. Merely to hinder and prevent further investigations prior to Miss X being raped, and almost beaten to death at just 13 years of age” while she was in the care of the local authority and residential units operated by the council itself.

Miss X told the LGSCO investigating officer (IO) & independent person (IP) that she was left homeless on the streets at one point for 7 days and 6 nights at 15 years of age while in the council’s care. As foster mother (Business Owner) set fire to her pre-owned family home then reported a false allegation of arson to police towards Miss X aged 15. Police took no further action as foster mother did not cooperate with police after evidence of false allegation revealed. Miss X was not provided with sufficient help when she left care and was never updated of the outcome of the investigation into her allegations.

My investigation found London Borough of Lewisham failed as Miss X corporate parent to keep her safe, provide her with the minimum of ‘good enough’ parenting, and prevent her being exposed to further significant harm while placed in its care.

The LGSCO investigating officer (IO) Mr King found a number of faults by the way Lewisham council handled the situation. The council were full of faults. He included the fact that the council did not tell Miss X at 20 years old the referral results, neither did they follow some of the incidents she reported. And did not provide The LGSCO with information about the outcome of the investigation into Miss X foster carers.

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